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Are you looking for a dentist in Scottsdale, Arizona who will make your health, wellbeing, and cosmetic goals come true? If so, look no further than AZ Dental Wellness.

Why choose us?

If you’ve never visited our practice, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

What we are not: This is not a corporate, profit-oriented business. We aren’t going to try to sell you treatments that you don’t need. In our office, you will never be treated like a number, you will not be ignored, and you will not be judged.

What we are:  AZ Dental Wellness is a family-friendly, patient-centric oral healthcare practice. You will be respected, listened to, and treated with the same caring compassion that we would show our own cherished family members. That is because our patients are our friends and family.

  • Caring, honest team of professionals
  • Comprehensive care for the whole family
  • Flexible financing with CareCredit
  • Every patient is a VIP

Making dream smiles a reality

Cosmetic dentistry is a blend of art and science, requiring attention to detail and high-quality material. We have more than two decades of experience in smile makeovers, porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and other aesthetic enhancements. Our dentists take pride in creating dazzlingly beautiful, natural-looking smiles.

Dr. Marissa P. Mandap & Dr. Rogel A Carlos

A focus on oral health for patients of all ages

Our practice is not limited to cosmetic treatment. In fact, great oral health is the foundation for a beautiful smile. We offer a full array of preventive and restorative treatments for your entire family. From teeth cleaning to dental implants, you can count on the team at AZ Dental Wellness to deliver the quality you need with the excellent customer service you deserve.

Experience and expertise

Dr. Carlos is a graduate of San Francisco’s acclaimed University of Pacific School of Dentistry. He has been practicing dentistry since 1992. Dr. Mandap is a graduate of the respected AT Still University in Mesa, and she has been practicing dentistry since 2007. With more than 35 years of combined dental experience, and a shared passion for making people smile, they have earned a reputation for excellence in the Scottsdale area.

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Doctor: Wow, everything looks terrific, Susan.

Patient:  Oh, thank you Dr. Carlos. Alright, I have to admit it’s not one of my favorite appointments, but it is an important one. I’m talking about the dentist, and if you are looking for a new dental office, you might want to come here to AZ Dental Wellness. This is the owner and founder, Dr. Rogel Carlos. You believe in people-based dentistry. (Dr. Carlos: Yes, we do) What do you mean by that?

D: What we mean by people-based dentistry is we really care for the patient from start to finish. The minute they call our phone and are greeted with a smile, on the phone mind you, and from the minute they come here and see how we treat them, all the way to the end and even after, that’s how they feel.

P: You become family to these patients.

D: Yes, we have. We get invited to weddings and parties. We go to, I’ve gone to concerts and shows with patients and we really get to know them very, very well.

P: Yes and that’s important because as I said, not everyone loves coming to the dental office. Well, inside your gorgeous Scottsdale clinic, what sets you apart? 

D: What really sets us apart is just the atmosphere here. When I come to the office, I feel relaxed and you know, when a patient comes with her things, you know, they feel like they are in a spa. It feels like you just relax. They feel very nervous to come to the dentist before, but here they feel very, very comfortable and that’s the kind of message we try to convey to them, that’s what we want them to feel. We don’t want them to feel out of sorts, we want them to be relaxed.

P: Right and go through the experience of getting a beautiful smile, which I know is the ultimate goal. Let’s talk about some of the technologies you have here.

D: Yes, here at the office, we have a CT scan machine. What I use the scanner machine for is to study the patient’s bone because bone is very important when placing implants. We need the CT scan machine so that we can place the implants in the proper positions. We also have a laser here and we use the laser for a number of things, mostly for teeth whitening, for cleaning, deep cleaning, also for treating gummy smiles.

P: Right, and you do implants here. Talk About the All-On-Four.

D: The All-On-Four implant is, it’s not relatively new, but a lot of people are turning towards that because what the All-On-Four does is say, a patient who has been wearing dentures for quite some time and is tired of wearing dentures , what the All-On-Four does is, it creates permanent teeth in your mouth in just one day. We can do that.

P: And you do a lot of your services in one day.

D: Yes, we do. We can do our crowns, and our implants, our All-On-Four in one day.

P: What do patients share with you, Dr. Carlos, about taking their smile from ugly to beautiful?

D: You know, we change lives here. We really do. When a patient comes here and says, “You know, I can’t smile. I didn’t smile for years”. And then when we finish our treatment, they tell us, “My gosh, you changed my life”. That just makes me feel really good, makes my job fulfilling.

P: Yes, and even deeper than that, it’s a health issue for a lot of people. (D: Yes) Healthy smiles are important.

D: Yes, not only do we, are concerned about the obvious, you know, esthetics of the patient, but also function, you know, function is very critical. We want the patient to be able to be healthy, to eat and digest the food properly.

P: Right, and at the end of the day, looking in the mirror, I think you had a lot of tears, right here on this chair.

D: Oh yeah, we sure have. I mean, again, it’s such, so life-changing for some of our patients. I mean, we just give them a hug, they want to hug us after …

P: Yeah, friendly environment for sure and you are a great guy, Dr. Carlos.

If you are ready to join a friendly dental team, come on down to AZ Dental Wellness. Here’s your contact information and special offer. Alright, let’s start with that special offer: Get one implant plus one crown for $2,199 or a single veneer for $799. AZ Dental Wellness, they are located at 3014 North Hayden Road, Suite 104 in Scottsdale. To book an appointment, please call (480) 747-1352 or visit

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