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Dental veneers on a human tooth.

If you could change anything about the appearance of your teeth, what would you choose? Would you make them brighter than their natural shade? Close gaps? Improve the shape? Erase chips and stains? Quality porcelain veneers, available from AZ Dental Wellness in Scottsdale, can accomplish all these things and more, with minimal alteration to your natural teeth.

What are dental veneers?

A veneer is a thin shell, applied to the front surface of a tooth. It can cover cosmetic flaws, alter the size and shape of a tooth, and repair some minor damage such as small chips. Although veneers can be made of resin, those tend to look unnatural and wear down quickly. At AZ Dental Wellness, we use high strength porcelain material which is durable, long-lasting, and stunningly beautiful.

Benefits of veneers

Our custom-made porcelain veneers provide a beautiful solution to virtually any cosmetic smile concern, including:

  • Permanent discoloration – If you have stains that can’t be removed with whitening, or if you desire a lighter shade than your natural tooth enamel, veneers will provide a uniformly white smile, exactly the color you want.
  • Uneven, disproportionate, or gapped teeth – Veneers can redesign your teeth, closing gaps, correcting the appearance of crooked teeth, improving the shape, and more.
  • Wear and tear or minor damage – Although veneers are typically considered cosmetic, they can also repair minor damage such as worn-down enamel and small chips or fractures.
  • Overall appearance – If you simply don’t like the way that your smile looks, veneers can often provide a makeover with just one procedure.

The veneer procedure

A versatile treatment, veneers can be applied to all visible teeth, or just a few that have specific problems. The procedure typically requires two or more office visits and takes a few weeks to complete.

Tooth preparation is minimal. A small amount of enamel is usually shaved from the surface to accommodate the thickness of the veneers. We use a precision impression technique to ensure a quality result. The impressions and design are sent to a dental laboratory, where your veneers are crafted from high-strength porcelain.

The final appointment is scheduled when your new veneers are ready. Your dentist will check the fit, color, and appearance to verify that everything is just right. Next, the veneers are permanently bonded to your teeth. You will leave our office with a dazzling, natural-looking smile that can last for many years.

To find out if porcelain veneers are a good choice for you, give us a call at (480) 405-1511 and schedule a consultation.

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